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Discover and Join the Successful Journey with HÜSEYİN DIŞ TİCARET!

Founded in 1996, our company is a pioneer of global trade based in Istanbul. We help you find the best products at the most affordable prices with the quality services we offer with Turkish, Arabic and English language support. Now, join us in your successful projects!


our services

  • In addition to trade, our company actively contributes to the completion of many projects thanks to its strong relationships abroad. We successfully manage all processes such as material supply, material shipment, supply of supervisors and technical personnel required to complete the projects. We focus on completing projects in the best possible way by collaborating with employers.


International Cooperation

Our company effectively serves many projects around the world by using its strong relationships abroad. By cooperating with employers abroad, we successfully manage all the processes required to complete the projects. We strive to complete projects abroad in the best possible way, together with our expert team in material supply, shipment, supervisor and technical staff.

Quality and Most Affordable

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There are many advantages that we offer you


We are committed to environmentally friendly and ethical trade practices.

Quality Assurance

We maintain the highest standards of quality and compliance in everything we do.


We use the latest technologies and best practices to optimize your export processes, reducing costs and times.


Right strategies & implementations

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Mission and Values

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Over 100 companies sign up Martex every day!


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We offer services in areas of expertise focused on customer satisfaction

Ready-to-wear Clothing

Manufacturing and fabric exportation.

Elevator Export

We are pioneers in elevator export worldwide with our quality elevator solutions.

Office Partition Walls

We are pioneers in office partition walls (Wood-Glass-Aluminum), combining excellent design and durability.

Aluminum and PVC Joinery

Our unique pergola system with aluminum and PVC joinery provides custom solutions to your spaces by combining aesthetic design and durability.

Facade Cladding

Our facade cladding solutions, combining glass, aluminum, and composite materials, bring together aesthetics and durability, giving your spaces a unique look.

Indoor and Outdoor Doors

Our indoor and outdoor doors provide custom solutions to your spaces by combining elegance and durability. - Marble - Indoor and outdoor ceramics.

Cable Production Line Supply

Our expertise in supplying all kinds of cables and cable production lines aims to meet your industrial demands with custom solutions.

Packaging Materials

Athletic bags - Trash bags - Stretch film - Greenhouse covers - Pallet covers - Pizza boxes - Baklava boxes... etc.

LDPE Recycling Granules

LDPE recycling granules offer an environmentally friendly material option that supports sustainability.

Home and Office Furniture

Our home and office furniture combine elegance, comfort, and functionality to provide an aesthetic touch to your living and working spaces.

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